Biogate U.S.A., Inc.

Advancing with bioscience
Technology Development and Commercialization Services

Biogate provides outstanding services to inventors, researchers or research organizations who are
seeking financial assistance or collaboration with potential investors and partners for developing and
commercializing new biotechnologies. We are solemnly dedicated to protecting our clients?IP. Our
professional team strictly follows IP codes and works with our clients confidentially on all matters
relating to technology development and IP.

We bring a lot of great deal of expert knowledge in promoting biotechnology development, transfer and
commercialization. Our professional team also offers additional services in new technology
development and new product design for specific markets. We promote technologies worldwide
through our widespread network of industrial investors and build significant value for our clients rapidly
and effectively.

The technology fields we service include agro-tech, food, nutrition, medicine, pharmaceutical, health
care, medical device, diagnostics, cosmetics, water treatment, and environment.  

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