Biogate U.S.A., Inc.

Advancing with bioscience
Business Development Services

Biogate provides services to manufacturers in bio-industries including agricultural, food and nutrition,
pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, diagnostics, cosmetics, and environment. We bring
significant opportunities to expand your business network or develop business in specific markets,
particularly in the fast growing economy markets including China and other Asian countries. We have
privileged resources and expertise in Asian bio-industries. Our current business networks cover more
than 6000 biotech and pharmaceutical companies and over 50 emerging biotech and industrial parks.  

Our services to manufacturers include business development, partnering, materials sourcing; contract
manufacturing and locating industrial parks with special treaties.

Our services to manufacturers:

  • Expand business network

  • Promote products in international or specific markets

  • Find business partners and investors for clients

  • Provide financing service to manufacturers

  • Product design or modification for specific markets

  • Materials sourcing, contract manufacturing

  • Negotiate and locate industrial parks with special treaties